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Fallin' Skies "Strait Meat" Duck Club

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Fallin' Skies "Strait Meat" Duck Club Empty Fallin' Skies "Strait Meat" Duck Club

Post  Admin on September 29th 2008, 2:04 pm

Jeff Foiles and the Strait Meat Team bring you
Fallin' Skies "Strait Meat" Duck Club

I am pleased to announce that I have a new partner in the Strait Meat Duck Club this year, a great friend of mine, Merle McGlasson. We are working hard to make the former D&J Club better than ever. We have renemed the club after my video series "Fallin'Skies". It is now Falln' Skies "Strait Meat" Duck Club. Same place, but better than ever!! With a new 30 inch pumping system and some new levees and ditches, we can now flood amost 80% of our farm! Last year was the best ever at over 2000 mallards!! our pits ahve 28-30 ft of walking room and are warm and dry!!
Come on and join us for a "Strait Meat" experience.

Booking Info:
- We will begin booking hunts on Friday, April 25, 2008 by phone reservation only. Office hours are 8:30-5:00, Monday thru Friday.
- Duck hunts will be booked from Nov. 11 thru approximately Dec 20, 2008.
- Goose hunts will be booked from mid Dec. thru the end of January.
- NEW THIS YEAR-We will be booking specialty hunts for parties of 4 or less to hunt specifically with Jeff. The dates for the hunts are Nov. 21, 24 and 25 and Dec. 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12. Cost is $600 per hunter. As part of the package, you will receive your choice of a Dead Meat Mallard or Timber Rattler, a sweatshirt and a hat. Deposit for package hunt is $300 (nonrefundable) per hunter.
- All Hunts include complete guide service and breakfast in the blind.
- Hunts will be morning only.
- A fee of $75 will be required if you choose to bring your own dog, payable the day of the hunt. For safety reasons, the dog must stay in the dog box at the blind and must obey all commands. If it appears that the dog is compromising the hunt, it must be returned to the truck at the clubhouse. This will be at the discretion of the guide in charge.

- NEW THIS YEAR- We will be booking "Stand-By" hunts for the dates of 11/23 thru 12/7 only if the morning hunts are completely booked. If morning hunters limit out, afternoon hunts may be available for those dates only. The cost and deposit for the "Stand-By" is $175. If the morning hunts do not limit out, the afternoon hunts will be cancelled. Those on "Stand-By" whose hunts are cancelled will receive a $175 refund.

$250/Day per person
50% Down when booking, Balance due Oct. 10, 2008
A minimum of $125 is non-refundable per hunter if the hunt is cancelled by the hunter. Hunts booked from 11/22 thru 12/15 will have non-refundable deposits of $125 for each day booked per hunter.
Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MC, Disc or AmX) Personal check or Money order. If paid by check or money order, payment is due within 7 days or the reservation will be cancelled.

- Need own guns, ammo and waders
- All required hunting licenses (Now available at Foiles Migrators)
- Wear Realtree camo for filming purposes
- Make arrangements if bringing own dog prior to hunt day.

Overnight accommodations are at your own expense. We recommend the following: Monroe Street Suites, Pittsfield IL 217-285-6129
Tell them you are hunting with us. We have other motel and lodge information available if the above is full.

All above information provided by Foiles Migrators. Contact Foiles Migrators if you have any questions or conserns.

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