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Capt. Karl's July 25th, 2008 Upper Bay/Susquehanna Flats Fishing Report

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Capt. Karl's July 25th, 2008 Upper Bay/Susquehanna Flats Fishing Report

Post  Capt. karl on July 26th 2008, 12:12 am

Capt. Karl’s Fishing Report
Karl’s Bassin’ Adventures Guide Service, Inc.
July 25th, 2008
(410) 459-7445

Welcome Aboard! The weather has been the big item this week, Hot & Humid fueling the severe thunderstorms & heavy rains, but the more normal weather temperatures are a welcomed feeling. Fortunately the main river grass beds seem to have withstood the storms intact with excellent water clarity. Unfortunately many of the creeks are muddy but should clear-up in a couple of days. Depending on the location water temperatures are in the mid to high 80’s. As we ventured out yesterday & today after the storms we were surprised how few obstacles we encountered as we navigated the Upper Chesapeake Bay/Susquehanna Flats area, but there are a few tree’s and logs to watch-out for so please use caution!

The Optimum Baits Poppin Furbit in (Black) continues on the low tide to produce some excellent quality fish from the heavy matted-up, dense grass beds. We are also using Optimum Baits new Double Diamond Swimbait rigged weedless, and we are following-up on any missed blow-ups with the Poppin Furbit with the Double Diamond our best success has been with the Pearl Shad, Sunfish and Hitch colors.

ROUMBA*ROUMBA*!!!! The topwater wake bait bite on the Roumba has been our GO-To lure this week. The Albino, Blue Gill and special proto-type color (Double Cheeseburger “soon to be a factory available color”) have been our best producers. I have developed & tested a simple modification to SUPER CHARGE!! The action of the Roumba, by cutting the tail section of the new Double Diamond Swimbait and attaching it to the tail end of the Roumba using a hitch-hiker. I am saving my used Double Diamond’s once the nose or middle section where I Texas rig them gets worn and cutting the tails off of these baits so that I do not have to cut-up a new Double Diamond, but of course I do not hesitate to cut-up a new Double Diamond if necessary. At first glance you might think that the Double Diamond tail would interfere with the rear treble hook of the Roumba but it does not and it helps to make the Roumba a little more weedless with its tail action. I must warn you to be ready because the majority of bites with the Roumba rigged with the Double Diamond tail are very aggressive and explosive! If you would like to see an illustration of the Roumba rigged this way, you can go to click on blogs and then my July 25th, 2008 Fishing Report, as their website is set-up to use pictures in the report while mine is not.

We are applying CB’s Hawg Sauce to all of our baits in the Bass Honey & Garlic flavor about every 25 cast’s. .

Thanks & Good Fishing, Capt. Karl

Capt. karl

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